Vertical single door small blood refrigerator

  • Model: BXC-310
  • Brand: OLABO
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 BXC-310 Vertical single door small blood refrigerator


Adopt microcomputer control system and digital temperature display to ensure accurate and stable operation;
Dual display dual control sensors to ensure precise control and display of the temperature in the box, with an accuracy of 0.1°C;
The temperature box design shows that the temperature is closer to the true temperature of plasma;
Standard thermal printer, real-time printing of the temperature value in the box;
Good cooling layout, the temperature in the box is stable within 4±1℃;
Optional monitoring module and special software to realize remote monitoring and SMS alarm;
Reliable temperature control that is not affected by ambient temperature provides the storage environment required for testing plasma, vaccines, and samples.

Technical Parameters

Model BXC-250 BXC-310
Type (shelf/drawer)/material Shelf/steel wire dip Shelf/steel wire dip
Number of shelves/number of blood storage baskets 4/12 5/15
Cooling method (air cooling/direct cooling) Wind cooling Wind cooling
Defrosting method (automatic/manual) No frost No frost
Refrigerant/g R134a/230g R134a/260g
Noise level (db) 50dB(A) 50dB(A)
Ambient temperature (℃) 10~32℃ 10~32℃
Temperature range (℃) 4±1℃ 4±1℃
Compressor brand/quantity Secop NL8.4MF/1pc Secop NL8.4MF/1pc
Evaporator type Fin type Fin type
Evaporator material Copper tube aluminum fin Copper tube aluminum fin
Condenser type Fin type Fin type
Condenser material Copper tube aluminum fin Copper tube aluminum fin
sensor type NTC NTC
thermostat Electronic temperature control Electronic temperature control
Display mode (LCD/LED) Digital display Digital display
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 220/50Hz 220/50Hz
Power (W) 380 380
Current (A) 2.4 2.4
Internal material Stainless steel plate Stainless steel plate
External material Sprayed steel plate Sprayed steel plate
Heat insulation Polyurethane cyclopentane foam Polyurethane cyclopentane foam
Effective volume (L) 250 310
450ml blood bags 13*3*4=156 13*3*5=195
Net/Gross weight (kg) 120/150 135/167
External dimensions (width * depth * height) (mm) 630*666*1657 630*666*1886
Internal dimensions (width * depth * height) (mm) 530*520*1096 530*520*1325
Packing size (width * depth * height) (mm) 730*690*1690 730*690*1920
High and low temperature alarm
Power failure alarm
Thermostat failure alarm
Battery switch alarm
Door switch alarm
Ambient temperature 10~32℃ 10~32℃
Power failure alarm time (h) 72 72
printer Thermal Thermal
Level foot / /
Outer door/type 1/electric heating glass door 1/electric heating glass door
Inner door (acrylic) 3 3
Outer door lock 1 1
Test hole (number/location/inner diameter) 1/right/φ23 1/right/φ23
Lamp (LED/fluorescent lamp) led led
USB interface (yes or not (is it optional?) / /
Remote alarm (with or without (is it optional?) Optional Optional
Temperature recorder (with or without (is it optional?) Optional Optional
RS232/485 interface (with or without (is it optional?) / /
Certification 9001/13485 9001/13485