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  • Model: BYC100
    2-8℃ BYC100 laboratory medicine refrigerator
  • Model: BDF-40V268
    -40℃ Low Temperature 268L Freezer
  • Model: BDF-86V598
    -86℃ Ultra Low Temperature Vertical Freezer
  • Model: BDF-40V90
    -40℃ Ultra Low Temperature Vertical Freezer
  • Model: BDF-86H118
    -86℃ China Laboratory Horizontal Deep Chest -86Degree Freezer

About Us

OLABO, headquartered in Jinan City (Shandong Province), the company has 20 years of experience in the medical and scientific equipment industry and is committed to providing high-quality laboratory equipment products and services to distributors and customers.

OLABO's Low temperature products include:2-8℃Pharmacy Refrigerator,-25℃/-40℃Deep freezer, -86℃Ultra low temperature freezer. Applications: -86℃ Ultra low temperature freezer preservation of viruses, bacteria, vaccines, biological tissues, drugs, special materials, etc. Used in the fields of biomedicine, scientific research, electronics, chemical industry and so on -25℃/-40℃Deep Freezer: Used in the fields of seed preservation, cryopreservation material experiment, biological product preservation, plasma preservation, etc. -40℃ low temperature freezer: Used in the fields of plasma preservation, reagent preservation, vaccine preservation, biomaterial preservation, etc. 2-8℃ Pharmacy Refrigerator Used in the fields of preservation of biological products, reagents, vaccines, etc

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Address: No.9 Gangxing Road, High-tech District Jinan City, Shandong Province, China