Liquid Nitrogen Tank YDS-50B (6)

  • Model: YDS-50B (6)
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OLABO liquid nitrogen tank YDS-50B (6)

Product description

OLABO YDS-50B is a 50-liter volume storage and transportation dual-use liquid nitrogen biological container, mainly used in scientific research, universities, medical treatment, food, pharmaceuticals, animal husbandry and other fields.


Model YDS-50B(6)
Geometric volume (L) 50
Caliber (mm) 50
Static liquid nitrogen evaporation capacity (L/D) 0.23 
Storage period of static liquid nitrogen (d) 213
Outer diameter of lifting cylinder (mm) 38
Height of lifting cylinder (mm) 120/276
Number of buckets (ea) 6
Height (mm) 811
Outer diameter (mm) 462
Empty weight (kg) 15.4
Optional lock cover
Optional protective cover
Optional liquid level monitor
Optional transport vehicle